À la carte


  • 149
    Bruschetta Alla Romana

    Grilled garlic and olive oil marinated levain bread, romantica tomatoes, basil, balsamic reduction and 30-month aged Parma ham

  • 175
    Carpaccio Della Casa

    Leaf-thin slices of smoked and cognac-marinated beef fillet, pine nuts,
    well-aged parmesan, caramelized onion mayonnaise and fresh herbs

  • 325
    Antipasto Misto (2 persons)

    Charcuterie from selected regions in Italy with grilled garlic bread,
    black olives, piece of 44-month aged parmesan and fig marmalade

  • 165
    Mare in padella

    The delicacies of the sea fried in a hot pan with white wine, garlic, chili
    homemade seafood broth, cherry tomatoes and grilled country bread

  • 165

    Creamy burrata from Puglia, nduja calabrese, basil
    bread croutons, confit small tomatoes and balsamic reduction

From the sea

  • 325

    Rainbow trout with beurre blanc sauce (white wine butter sauce), crudité with black carrots, trout roe, dill and leek served with crispy Parmesan terrine

From the Grill

  • 285
    Cotoletta di Villa Romana

    Breaded pork schnitzel browned in a hot pan, tomato and onion salad, fermented black garlic butter, marsalawinegravy and crispy fries

  • 255
    Risotto di Mare

    Risotto on Carnaroli Rice with home-cooked seafood broth, butter, prosecco, parmesan, tomatoes and garlic-fried seafood

  • 425
    Beef Tenderloin

    Cognac flambéed tournedos (middle piece of beef tenderloin) with tomato and onion salad, pepper sauce of 4 types of pepper and crispy parmesancake

  • 245
    Risotto Piemontese (vegan/veg)

    Carnaroli rice risotto with black truffle cream, butter, broth, forest mushrooms, portabello, well-aged parmesan
    finished with shaved fresh truffle

  • 185
    Caesarsallad classica

    Roman Salad , cherry tomatoes, marinated chicken breast, herb toasted croutons, crispy bacon, Caesar dressing

Roman Pizza

Our pizza dough is baked with flour from the Tuscan countryside of the type "00", natural yeast and sea salt.

  • 149
    Margherita (veg)

    San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, oregano, basil, confit small tomatoes

  • 225

    Sour cream, grilled pickled zucchini, onion, beef tenderloin, truffle cream, parmesan and freshly shaved truffle

  • 185

    San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, nduja calabrese, ventrecina salami and parmesan

  • 205
    Burrata e mortadella

    San Marzano tomatoes, mortadella di bologna, creamy burrata, basil oil and pistachios

  • 185
    Caprino Bianco (Veg)

    Goat cheese (chevre), red onion, fig honey, hazelnuts and herbs

  • 195
    Julia goes Vegan

    San Marzano tomatoes, zucchini, olives, confit small tomatoes, roasted yellow beets, basil, pine nuts, porcino mushroom cream


Every day we knead our fresh pasta with eggs from free-range chickens, flour from Italy and love that is transformed into different pasta forms in our pasta machine.

  • 245
    Rigatoni della casa

    Bronze-rolled rigatoni with mascarpone, black truffle cream, porcino mushrooms, well-aged parmesan and grated truffle

  • 245
    Linguine alla Villa Romana

    Bronze-rolled linguine with garlic-fried scampi, white wine, cream, fried pancetta, peperoncino and freshly chopped parsley

  • 185
    Carbonara alla moda nostro

    Bronze-rolled bucatini tossed with bacon, cream egg yolk, black pepper and parmesan

  • 185
    Polpette della casa

    Hand-rolled meatballs of minced veal with fresh herbs, sofritto, spicy San Marzano tomato sauce, red wine, parmesan and our bronze-rolled linguine

  • 265
    Ravioli della nonna

    Ravioli filled with (fresh herbs, chevre, mascarpone, ricotta), browned sage butter, grated parmesan aged 48 months, crushed hazelnuts, balsamic reduction and fried sage

    • 255 Frutti di mare

      The delights of the sea fried with garlic, peperoncino, white wine, homemade seafood broth, cherry tomatoes, parsley tossed with bronze-rolled bucatini pasta

  • 225
    Lasagne al Forno

    Lasagna with long-cooked ragu on minced veal, red wine, sofritto, mozzarella, bechamel, spicy tomato sauce and 44-month aged parmesan

  • 285
    Mezzaluna Tartufo (Veg)

    Crescent-shaped ravioli that we fill with porcino mushroom cream and then tossed in butter sauce, roasted pine nuts, well-aged Parmesan and grated black truffle


  • 110

    Sugar cake, coffee liqueur, espresso, marsala wine, cognac, vanilla mascarpone, cocoa

  • 110
    Dreams of Vanilla

    Homemade creamy vanilla ice cream on real vanilla bean from Madagascar - chocolate flakes

  • 110

    Sea buckthorn panna cotta with milk chocolate mousse and salty caramelised popcorn

  • 110
    Chocolate fondant

    Baked chocolate fondant with creamy vanilla ice cream on vanilla bean from Madagascar and chocolate soil

  • 110

    House sorbet with Prosecco Spumante

  • 35

    Homemade chocolate praline


  • 95

    American pancakes, jam, cream and icing suger

  • 95
    Little Italy Burger

    Brioche bread, prime rib burger, fries and ketchup

  • 95

    Bacon, onion, cream, mafaldine pasta and parmesan

  • Lasagne

    En liten portion av husets lasagne.


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